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Rats, Mice and Squirrels Oh My

Although rats, mice and squirrels may look innocent, these rodents can cause major damage to your home, car or business.

Because rodents have incisors (teeth) that continue to grow they must grind their teeth on surfaces to keep them ground down. Squirrels many times will chew on wood siding or fascia on a home to gain access to an attic space. Rats and mice will do the same but will typically enter an existing opening to the home or business to gain their entry. Although rodents can live in homes year round the colder winter months is when homeowners really start noticing their presence. Many homeowners will here a light scratching in the attic late at night, a good sign of a rat issue. Squirrels on the other hand are active during the day so if you hear noises during the day it is typically them.

When rats enter a structure they are usually there to stay as they will build nests using anything they can find in your attic as nest building materials (insulation, stored items, boxes). When rat infestations are left alone for extended periods of time a strong odor of urine and feces will be detected in enclosed areas.

Our highly trained technicians are able to detect what issues you are experiencing, find their entry points and successfully remove any infestations you may have. Rodent control

is much more than just "setting traps". We are able to find the entry points and seal them with our Exclusion Service thus preventing future issues with rodents. If conditions have been present for extended periods and it is found that high amounts of urine and feces are found we also offer removal and disinfecting service.

Let's Discuss Your Pest Control Needs Service Areas: Carrollwood Clearwater Dunedin Holiday Hudson Land O Lakes Largo Lithia

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