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How to get rid of ants in home

Ants are the biggest invader out of all insects here in Florida. These pesky little things will find the smallest opening around windows, doorways and even cracks in foundations. Many DIY homeowners are very quick to grab a can of over the counter bug spray and hope for the best. With ants it is crucial to first I.D the ant species to determine a course of action. Most carbohydrate feeding ants are not controlled by sprays but rather baits. By using sprays this will reduce the number of ants that you may see in your home but will not eradicate the colony which can multiple thousand ants in each. Baits are formulated to slowly work so the worker ants that consume the bait are able to feed it to workers and queen(s) in the colony leading to colony collapse. The issue with baits is that ants become resistant to them over time, meaning that the active ingredient is no longer effective at reducing numbers. When this happens a new bait with a different active ingredient must be used to continue population reduction. For ants that are protein feeding the use of granular baits and sprays on the exterior must be used. This is why identification is so important in succeeding to rid a home of ants. We service the Greater Tampa Bay Area, if you have an issue with ants you can rest assured knowing we have the knowledge and products to eliminate your issues.

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