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Are Ants taking over your kitchen??

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Ants in your home can be extremely discouraging. These pesky little insects can have hundreds of thousands of workers in each colony and can quickly take over your home if not properly treated. Many homeowners try to tackle ant issues themselves only to find out the problem worsens or they never fully eradicate them. Different types of ants take different treatment methods and products. Ghost ants are our areas most notorious ant invaders. These tiny ants are very difficult to see unless they are on a contrasting surface because of their translucent abdomens. These particular ants typically feed on carbohydrates (sweets) but also enter your home in search of water. Many DIY products (Terro) are used by homeowners only to find out a few days later the ants have no interest in it any longer. This is because they become adverse to the bait (like us eating pizza day in and out). These ants need a multitude of options to choose from to keep them happy. They also become resistant to bait that is used (like us taking an antibiotic, over time they become less effective). When we service homes for ghost ants we use multiple types of baits with different active ingredients and modes of action to make sure they continue to feed on the baits to feed to the queens to lead to complete colony collapse.

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